Welcome to Denver Information Technology Executives (DITEX)

Colorado based Professional Organization for Technology Executives in Transition



DITEX and the Colorado Tech Community:

  1. DITEX was founded on the “pay it forward” principle where Active Members support each other in their job search efforts, share leads, contacts, etc.
  2. Active DITEX members provide seasoned, executive thought leadership to the Technology / Business community with pro bono expertise, insight, and recommendations
  3. Strengthen and deepen the network of leadership in the Front Range Community
  4. Develops a larger, stronger trust of individuals that can be accessed by the hosts for strategic hires and peer guidance

Our Core Values

Service and Support

We place the needs of other DITEX members ahead of our own. We share leads, contacts, information, etc. with fellow members. We take the “pay it forward” principle seriously and walk the talk.


We seek and work with partners outside our group who share our values and take the long-term view of professional relationships. We seek enduring professional relationships with other group members and partners that will span all levels of roles and promote the “pay it forward” principle.


We do not charge for group membership, nor do group coordinators receive any payment for their service.


We choose to operate with an abundance mentality. We believe there are enough roles available for everyone in the group and do not see each other as competitors for particular positions. We endorse several people from the group to submit for a role simultaneously in the spirit that at least someone from the group would land the role. We share all networking opportunities and job leads with group members in a timely fashion, as well as what we may learn in job interviews.


We exercise the utmost in confidentiality for partnerships, data and content in the group. We have a trusted advisor role with open sharing in our partner relationships and within the group, and do not share information without permission.





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