“Having focused access to a strong, diverse group of technology leaders was well worth our time! Startup Grind was seeking insight in developing innovation cultures – we were able to talk freely, receive valuable feedback, and dovetail that into something actionable for us. All DITEX asks in return is the opportunity to further network their leaders in transition, which is certainly a fair exchange for the value we received.”

“DITEX sits at this lovely intersection between thought leadership and a leads group. Once accepted into the group you not only benefit from participating as an advisor, but also joining with other seasoned professionals for networking and lead sharing during your search.

Once an alumni, you become a member of a vast network of professionals to draw on as needed.”

“How often do you get the opportunity to spend an hour with 15 CxO or VP level IT executives? It’s easily 300yrs+ of IT experience in one room. It’s hard to put a value on a meeting of this caliber. We received one hour of meaningful feedback with high impact discussions. If you are looking for industry, C level, product/service, and/or technology feedback, I’d highly recommend a meeting with the DITEX team.”

“Another strong point about DITEX is the synergy of the group, the whole “we’re better together” concept, the host just doesn’t get one myopic opinion or even one level of experience, they get the synergies of the entire group which is a knowledge multiplier…..It’s like having a whole, diverse, team of consultants thinking about their issues, challenges and questions.”

Rolf Kramer, VP of Sales & Customer Success

“Thanks to the DITEX group for letting BridgeView host. It’s a great group of Technology Leaders in the group and we had a productive session with them to get feedback on our company’s newest initiatives and service offerings. Highly valuable and recommend them to any Business out there looking for professional and trustworthy advice!” 

Tim Glennie, Managing Partner & Co-Founder

“DITEX team provided tremendous amount of knowledge and experience that proved invaluable to our organization. DITEX is made up of business leaders that have great technical acumen. We respect and value the opinions, perspectives and advise of the DITEX team!”

Graeme Strachan, CEO & Co-Founder