DITEX Guests


Our Value

Collective Brain Trust

DITEX provides value to our Guests by providing a Focus Group of trusted advisors to answer strategic, big-picture questions presented to our team.

Participating hosts also gain access to the powerful extensive network of Technology And Business experience contained in the DITEX Alumni ranks.

Bringing in an executive-level focus group composed of a dozen executives can cost $ thousands of dollars. DITEX skips billing the Guests in exchange for a conference room we can use for a private meeting after the focus group session.

In return, our Guests adds value by helping connect DITEX members to potential opportunities and provide introductions. Alternately, you may want to present a topic relevant to the group and lead a discussion on this topic. 

What are the types of topics & challenges presented?

  • Product road maps, breaking into a new business lines, navigating risks

  • Branding, messaging, communication strategies

  • Go-to-market strategies and market intelligence

  • Search strategies & executive-level salary negotiations
  • Recent trends in a particular technology or market
  • Considerations around consulting and contracting

What’s the Meeting format? 

  • First Hour: brief DITEX member introductions, overview of your business and challenge (s) supported by the group discussion
  • Second Hour: internal DITEX active member only meeting regarding employment opportunities and the operating activities of the group

When / Where do we meet?

  • We offer the ability to meet virtually, on-site, or a hybrid.
  • We meet on Tuesdays from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM MT at the Guest’s office, and average 15 members at each meeting.
  • If you cannot accommodate a group that size (plus members from your team) we have free access to a large conference room at a local non-profit, but need to reserve the room in advance.

How does a Guest Host?

  • Please contact us to discuss your company, proposed topic, specific problem statements or questions you would like to focus on and also the next available date in our calendar.

DITEX develops a Larger, Stronger Community Of Individuals That Can Be Accessed By The Hosts For Strategic Hires And Peer Guidance.

Interested in becoming a Guest of DITEX?