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Byron is a passionate and accomplished technology executive with expertise leading and navigating global IT organizations in the delivery of large-scale technical projects. He has proven success managing high-performing teams in the implementation of leading-edge technological solutions for Fortune 100 and mid-sized companies looking to mature their technology and operational process. Byron’s greatest strength is his compassionate leadership style and propensity to deliver repeated success of advanced technology projects.

Key Accomplishments:

• Led >$70MM capital budget for a portfolio of >25 essential projects and >100 sustainment projects across 5 regions of the United States.

• Lowered operational expenditures 73% in the first 6 months by eliminating technical debt saving >$250K in downtime annually.

• Increased customer service levels 100% and cut operating cost ~$1MM by negotiating a 5-year managed services contract to provide the business with tier-1, 2 client support.

• Re-cast a new image of transparency and trust between the business and IT by establishing SLA’s that ensured IT service up-time to 99.999% and implementing internal IT controls to measure internal performance and improvements

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A versatile technology leader with expertise in leading digital transformation for global technology organizations. I bring a high-energy approach that removes barriers for technical teams, ensures accountability through measurable success, and delivers solid business value. Demonstrated history of driving continuous improvement initiatives and inspiring teams to achieve seemingly impossible goals by streamlining the way they work.

Key Accomplishments:

– Implemented cloud FinOps practice to attain 16% savings in first 6 months of the program.

– Revamped SOC2 Type 2 and attained clean report by implementing GRC tools, and mapping internal controls to NIST 800-53. Re-establishing trust between the business and IT.

– Implemented agile methodology with eight teams across a polyglot architecture stack, and achieved 75% reduction in development cycle time while improving lead time efficiency by 40%; paving the path for 2x revenue growth in eighteen months.

– Consecutively unlocked +30% people capacity in technology organizations by implementing lean process optimization.

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I am a technologist who has created and led technical evolutions and industry progression throughout a successful career. I have built and managed companies and teams that created hardware and software products and managed the systems that power them.

Key Accomplishments:

-Growth with both SAAS and Consumer facing products.

-I have founded and sold organic growth companies.

-Key executive in small and large companies through the successful IPO process.

-I have successfully managed hundreds of employees with a strong focus on culture and mentoring.

-Ran 100+ million dollar budgets.

-As an industry innovator, I have spoken at many industry events and published articles in the space.

-I am an outstanding team builder and leader who collaborates effectively to meet company objectives.

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My unique skillset is built upon years of on-premises IT infrastructure and operations leadership experience. Fourteen years as a CTO followed by five years of helping customers develop digital transformation strategies through cloud adoption allowed me to lead a diverse set of teams and projects.

Key Accomplishments:

– Digital Transformation: Led the development of cloud adoption strategies and orchestrated implementation for many education industry customers.

– EHR Implementations: Co-led award-winning (HIMSS level Stage 7, the Davies Award, multiple Most Wired, etc.) implementations of two electronic medical record systems.

– Data Protection/Data Security: Led the adoption of the HITRUST Common Security Framework, used company-wide for data security. Achieved HITRUST CSF Level 5 certification within four years.

– Data Center Transformation: Shifted two data centers from a tier-1 to tier-3+ rating in accordance with the Uptime Institute. Introduced annual upgrades until achieved desired rating.

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Accomplished fortune 500 and entrepreneurial executive with history of demonstrated success building, growing, leading and improving business units through strategic partnerships and alliances; expanding commercial reach; enabling customer success; and driving value creation.

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Visionary Executive (Strategy, PMO & Technology Operations) with a reputation for delivering innovations that accelerate revenue growth, reduce costs, and improve enterprise performance. Key Accomplishments: PMO: Built PMO processes and organization from the ground up. Transformed ad hoc project management processes and disjointed practices at financial services firm into a formal PMO Process Improvement: Transformed customer experience and operational efficiency for $1.5T AUM financial services company while generating $25M+ in operational savings. Product Development/Management: Leveraged analytics, strategy, and vision to deliver product innovations, capture up to 50% of market share, and create $10M+ in new revenue

Connect with Krishna@ LinkedIn, his phone # 720- 626-7538

A versatile technology leader offering leadership in global fortune 500 companies providing digital solutions to customers across multiple industries. I am an authentic leader with a passion for understanding the business landscape and technology’s role in supporting the business vision and exceeding customers’ expectations. Track record of success in building and leading teams to deliver high quality, secure, solutions in complex matrixed, regulatory environments.


✦ Modernized Schwab’s legacy equity rating system in a complete green field rewrite utilizing modern design frameworks and technologies (microservices, PaaS, REST API)

✦ Modernized and simplified tech stack by determining means to retire legacy mainframe applications

✦ Attained 99.9% uptime for application used to manage $180B Assets Under Management (AUM) for Schwab’s high net worth Clients

Connect with Lois @ LinkedIn, Phone# 720-202-6802, or email.

An Experienced leader, technologist, and creative thinker. A broad background and a servant leader approach allow me to build effective teams that deliver a “surprise & delight” customer experience and profitable results. I effectively help bridge technology and business; being equally comfortable in the boardroom as in technical design sessions.

Key Accomplishments:

– Built a software and process service offering for Nelnet from concept to mature business line. The solution allowed not-for-profit financial institutions to service federal student loans. The business line generated over $10M in annual revenue.

– Designed and delivered North Highland consulting services, enabling a large multinational company to realize 25% in project savings and an IT project success rate of over 90%. Grew that account from $2.5M annual revenue to over $6.5M in less than 2 years.

– Collaborated closely during COVID with the Denver North Highland team to build a culture of resilience and community. As a result, Denver maintained record-high employee engagement scores throughout the pandemic and experienced almost no attrition.

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Senior IT Leader with extensive experience leading IT operations and infrastructure projects in a large, global organization. Adept at leading large, complex programs including mergers and acquisitions, implementing ITIL, and ITSM best practices, and developing effective global delivery teams.

Key Accomplishments

Business Transformation– Created the first global technology operational support team, established in-house regional teams that used global standards, metrics and performance reporting for daily operations

Financial Impact– Transitioned central infrastructure support to Hyderabad, India, maintaining overall management insight with all support resources recruited and hired in India

M&A– Lead over 10 acquisitions and two divestitures culminating with the largest acquisition in company history, doubling company size

Project Management– Formed first global IT project support function by developing a single project management/ architecture team to support global operations

Connect with Sam on LinkedIn, phone # 303.888.7933 or via email.

A highly accomplished global technology executive with extensive experience in creating and delivering IT roadmaps and strategies that align with business objectives. A versatile, adaptable and multitalented IT Executive with an exceptional record of leadership in multiple industries. A tireless innovator, intuitive problem solver, astute analyst, and visionary. Propelling teams to architect, engineer and implement cutting-edge solutions to meet challenging business needs.


✦ IT owner for global ITO evaluation/selection/placement to consolidate three service desks to one with single touch point for users and 50% decrease in tickets per user while delivering integrated ITSM

✦ Migrated financial services firm managing $1T in fund administration assets systems 100% to cloud, rearchitected network and facilities infrastructure core for new and retro fit existing sites globally

✦ Consolidation technology transformation for $691B financial services company (eight telecommunications solutions into one standard) reducing annual operational cost by $1.4M

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Business focused Technology Executive with 20 years of progressive, hands-on experience. Experience with setting and executing strategy, applying technology in a cost effective manner to solve business problems, building and leading high performing teams, global M&A due diligence and integrations, business transformations, turnarounds, etc.

Connect with Scott on LinkedIn, phone # 720.837.9084 or via email.

I enable the enterprise by identifying and capitalizing on innovative technology that delivers maximum revenue results. I am a business of technology leader acknowledged for providing business insight into technology management in small to large enterprises. Known for optimizing efficiency, big-picture thinking, and wresting control from chaos through alignment of business direction and priority with technology organization –people, process, and tech. I have particular passion for security, compliance, innovation, architecture, next-generation leader development. I speak fluent German.


• Reduced time to market miss- rate from 80% to less than 5% allowing enterprise to capitalize on profitable market conditions and generate millions in revenue by conducting a very detailed Customer Value Map then developing Strategy with supporting Roadmap that led to scaling global software product development team to 900 from 250, enhanced workflow transparency, optimized code security integration, and process waste reduction in task handoff

• Increased software product delivery efficiency by 10%-25%, employee engagement and satisfaction of 50%-80%, and technology cost transparency 100% by developing and executing cross function Agile workflow transformation strategies at three different enterprises

• Protected firm from millions of dollars in fines and sanctions by setting and executing transformation strategy for enterprise continuity from minimally satisfying internal and regulatory controls to a firm that demonstrates real capability 4x/year. Additionally, transformation yielded tools for firm to migrate data centers, becoming an industry standard for capability and attestation, the successful execution of continuity plans for COVID-19 accommodation, and discrete vertical focused road-mapping process that rolled into the enterprise

• Gained ~50% efficiency in product development/management and created a sense of unity on the executive committee by building and executing the strategy to transform enterprise into a product-based organization from an organization that had very loosely coupled product management process. This resulted in streamlined operations and enhanced capabilities to adopt new programs, process and cost transparency, along with much stronger Executive Leadership Committee sponsorship and engagement

Contact Sean @: Mobile 602-750-7210, Email

Todd is a Senior executive with over 27 years of technology and security management experience, strong communication and organizational skills, and a passion for building programs and empowering teams. An innovative leader who strives to help businesses address cybersecurity, privacy, and technology challenges. The goal is to reduce risk and eliminate roadblocks – allowing the organization to thrive.

Key Accomplishments:

-Created a risk-based, NIST CSF, PCI, and GLBA compliant security and privacy program from the ground up; including executive governance, staffing, and budget.

-Established a SOC, IR, and systems to improve threat reporting, resulting in an 80% reduction in credential harvesting attacks, BEC, and account take over.

-Oversaw data center modernization efforts, obtaining 90% virtualization, and integration with multiple cloud platforms, supporting business growth of 300% over 5 years.

-Centralized backup and restore capabilities, significantly reducing the restore time of critical systems by 70%.

-A skilled technical trainer and speaker comfortable presenting to the board room, staff, or business partners.

Connect with Todd on LinkedIn, phone # 303-591-3856 or via email.