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Bill is a dynamic executive who provides global information technology strategy and execution. His expertise spans digital transformation, cloud migration, infrastructure management, application development, and cyber security. He is well regarded in the industry for building scalable and resilient solutions that are engineered for both near and long-term goals.

Bill enables growth by shifting investment priority toward innovation. He provides leadership and vendor management to maximize company ROI and believes strong partnerships with key stakeholders are an essential part of producing results. He builds and mentor technology teams resulting in highly motivated staff that exceed expectations. Bill is extremely proficient in developing enterprise architecture and technology strategy for exceeding business goals and lowering costs. He possess strong communication and presentation skills to effectively connect with multiple levels of audience. Bill is a respected industry leader and active member in several industry leadership councils and advisory boards.

Connect with Bill @ LinkedIn, his phone # 303-350-7500 or via email.

As a Proven Global IT Leader with demonstrated expertise in Digital and Operational Transformation, Robert develops strategies that reduce operating costs and drive increased revenue. Leveraging his experience in building effective technology teams and aligning corporate strategies with customer and revenue goals, Robert works closely with the business and board to quickly solve complex technical problems that open new business opportunities and fuel growth via new and innovative product offerings. Robert is recognized as a leader in both corporate enterprise optimization and cyber security as well as leading software and application development teams. He combines a deep understanding of what drives revenue, to develop innovative technical solutions that delight customers while setting the bar for information security and risk reduction.

John is an accomplished technology executive with deep expertise in forging IT/Business partnership, directing digital transformation, planning, development, delivery, governance and product/technology enablement.

His background spans across a wide spectrum of ERP platforms, SaaS/Cloud migrations, data governance/analytics, collaboration systems, data center operations, software development methodologies, portfolio management, supplier strategic relationship management, IT/Business partnership and cyber security.

He is known for fostering business partnership, building and leading high performing teams, creating technology strategy, executing/implementing key initiatives and enhancing business transformation.

His passion is in driving enterprise technology solutions which foster innovation and bottom line results.

Connect with John @ LinkedIn, cell # 303 883 8996 or via email.

Charles has an extensive track record of leading cross-departmental initiatives for medium and large-scale global enterprises. He has successfully created and executed business transformation programs that have developed digital first client experiences and enabled rapid scaling and hardening of business operations. Expertise in all phases of pre and post M&A activities enables him to identify operational expense reduction opportunities along with product portfolio options that drive operating income growth.

Charles has extensive experience in creation of high performance, metric driven, globally dispersed teams that has been a key factor in delivering critical initiatives under tight timelines and budget constraints. He has a passion for the adoption of emerging technology and business methodologies at scale paired with rich communication skills that drive consensus of complex initiatives across an organization.

After marrying a native, Charles has adopted Denver as home and enjoys exploring the mountains with his three young children, helping them navigate school and events during these extraordinary times.

Looking for a viewpoint or catalyst that can help your enterprise navigate these times of accelerated transformation? If so, Charles can be reached @ LinkedIn, his phone # 303-521-7855 or by email.

I am a rational thinker who has extensive experience involving strategic transformation, international programs, and technology development. Throughout my professional career, I have excelled as the liaison between the engineering/technical and the business areas for companies and boards. I have proven strengths and management skills in both capacities, allowing me to be a uniter across the silos of an organization.

Location strategy, distributed teams, data analytics, transformation and program initiation: I’ve done it.

I am seeking new global leadership opportunities in:

  • IT
  • Fintech
  • Energy Storage
  • Geospatial technologies (geomatics/GIS)
  • Transportation innovation (aerospace, mass transit, shipping)

My professional roles have always included a large international component navigating both language and cultural barriers with individuals and companies across the globe. I have demonstrated high emotional intelligence (EQ) markers and that innate skill allows me to easily bridge verbal and non-verbal gaps that often occur while conducting international work.

As I continue in my career, I want to always be a contributor in the creation of new technologies that can be of value in helping the most people possible. I love creating successful solutions to unconventional challenges – I want to develop, encourage, and promote meaningful innovation.

Farm-raised (NE Nebraska), world-traveled, polymath who always has several books open at home, and the mind open on hiking trails. Ski and snowboard – green chile for breakfast, red chile for dinner. I’ll show you how to bake bread and help you weld the back gate. Plant propagator and aspiring archer. Jag talar svenska; yo se español; comprends un peu le français; zwei Beir bitte; я слышу тебя.

Everyone has something to teach us.

Ken has held ever increasing regional and national leadership positions on both the vendor and operators’ side of the Telecommunications industry.  These have included sales engineering, 24×7 support, project & capital management and evolving into an enterprise level VP leadership position in systems engineering operations with an emphasis on planning & implementation.

Key strengths for Ken include multi-team, multi-technology and cross functional operations leadership with a servant style. Scope of responsibilities have included several hundred employees and contractors in both local and remote locations. The cross-functional working group experience includes Business Operations, Product & Project Management, Network Engineering, Video Engineering, High Speed Data Engineering, Systems Engineering, DevOps and vendor management.  His experience also includes capital and operational budget planning and management, organizational re-structuring, optimization and M&A as well as process evaluations and improvements.  Ken has a passion to work efficiently & effectively in the successful completion of problem solving and project completion.

Ken is looking for that next great engineering operations experience, any sector, where he can build and foster a great set of teams focused on what’s best for the customer.  Build that positive work environment to take care of your teams, they will thrive and take care of the customers and the shareholders will be happy with their returns.

Ken hails originally from the Mid-West having spent most of his life in Ohio.  A job promotion took his family to the Carolina’s where they enjoyed the southern lake life for almost 4 years.  A large corporate merger and another job promotion then took he & the family to the Eastern slopes of the Rockies.  They love the Colorado region and all its beauty and enjoy loading up the labs and going trail exploring in their Jeep Willys. You can find out more about Ken by visiting his LinkedIn profile. (