Our Story

Humble Beginnings

In May of 2009, our first meeting was held at the Panera Bread in Lone Tree, a suburb of Denver.  This initial group, called “The Art of Networking”, was formed by Art Weeast for professionals in transition.  From the onset smaller, more intimate groups were a core value.  These original groups centered around the sales, marketing, IT, HR and engineering domains.  Among these, Technology is the only surviving subgroup.  This is what we now know today as DITEX (Denver IT Executives). 

Since its beginning in 2009, DITEX has grown to a cohort of more than 500 people, including current active members, alumni, and friends of DITEX.  It’s one of the largest professional organizations of its kind in Colorado and unique in its mission of collaboratively helping all active members, who are in transition, identify and secure their next professional opportunities. The group is by invite only, and emphasizes a “pay it forward” mentality.

What is DITEX?

Denver Information Technology Executives (DITEX) is a large, well-connected professional organization of IT leaders across the Denver and Rocky Mountain area.

Our Mission

The mission of the Denver IT Executives Focus Group (DITEX) is to support a select group of transitioning information technology professionals who have previously served as Directors, Vice-Presidents, CIOs or similar level of scope of responsibilities to find and land their next Technology Leadership role.

Tell Me More

DITEX is a professional organization of a select group (Active Members) of 15 IT executives.

  • DITEX’s provides seasoned, executive thought leadership to the technology / business community with pro bono expertise, insight, and recommendations.
  • Guests add value to the DITEX active group by helping connect DITEX members to potential opportunities and provide introductions.
  • DITEX hosts a quarterly social for current members, alumni, past hosts and sponsors.

How Can Organizations Involve?

Working with a focused group of executive leaders

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